Brewers Trivia

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Tim Thompson
Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My least-favorite day of the week during baseball season is the Brewers' "off day." I love following the games, whether on my phone or on the radio and I look forward to the start of each game, everyday.
Yesterday was a good time for the Crew to have the day off. They desperately need to heal their wounds and regroup from the shellacking they took at the hands of the St. Louis Cardinals last weekend.
The lack of a game spurred The Bullpen and I to put together some Brewers-related trivia. We broke the questions down into three scoring levels. If you can answer one of the Major League-level questions correctly, give yourself 7 points. If you get one of the Minor League-level questions correct, give yourself 5 points; the Rookie League-level questions are worth 3 points each.
Feel free to share your score, or not. Have fun!

Major League

1. Who was the first Brewers player to drive in seven (7) runs in one game?

  • a) John Jaha
  • b) Ted Kubiak
  • c) Ryan Braun
  • d) Jeromy Burnitz
2. Which Brewers manager was the first to win 500 games with the franchise?
  • a) Phil Garner
  • b) Harvey Kuehn
  • c) Ned Yost
  • d) Tom Trebelhorn
3. Who was the first designated hitter in Brewers history?
  • a) Paul Molitor
  • b) Dale Sveum
  • c) Ollie Brown
  • d) Gregg Vaughn
4. Who was the first Brewers player to lead his league in home runs?
  • a) Gorman Thomas
  • b) Prince Fielder
  • c) Rob Deer
  • d) Cecil Cooper
5. Who was the first Brewers pitcher to start an MLB All-Star Game?
  • a) Mike Caldwell
  • b) Teddy Higuera
  • c) Ben Sheets
  • d) Yovani Gallardo
6. Who was the first Brewers player to be voted by fans to the All-Star starting lineup?
  • a) Don Money
  • b) Ryan Braun
  • c) Jim Gantner
  • d) Robin Yount
Minor League

7. When Prince Fielder slugged 50 home runs in 2007, he became the youngest player to do so in a single season. How old was he when he smacked No. 50?
  • a) 23
  • b) 25
  • c) 27
  • d) 29
8. On which date did Robin Yount record hit No. 3,000?
  • a) 8/7/91
  • b) 7/4/93
  • c) 4/1/88
  • d) 9/9/92
9. Who was the first Brewers player to record at least 200 hits in a single season?
  • a) Paul Molitor
  • b) Jeff Cirillo
  • c) Cecil Cooper
  • d) Dante Bichette
10. Who was the first pitcher to record 100 saves in a Brewers uniform?
  • a) Derrick Turnbow
  • b) Rollie Fingers
  • c) John Axford
  • d) Dan Plesac
11. Who was the first left-handed starting pitcher to take the mound on Opening Day?
  • a) Teddy Higuera
  • b) Bill Travers
  • c) Jerry Augustine
  • d) Juan Nieves
12. Which Brewer holds the franchise record for most games appeared in as a pinch-hitter (in a single season)?
  • a) Mark Loretta
  • b) Lenny Harris
  • c) Bill Hall
  • d) Ben Oglivie
Rookie League

13. Which Brewers pitcher tossed the only no-hitter in franchise history?
  • a) Cal Eldred
  • b) Juan Nieves
  • c) Pete Vukovich
  • d) Jaime Navarro
14. What MLB team relocated to become the Brewers?
  • a) Boston Braves
  • b) Seattle Pilots
  • c) Brooklyn Dodgers
  • d) Bad News Bears
15. Which Brewers player had the longest hitting streak in team history?
  • a) Prince Fielder
  • b) Paul Molitor
  • c) Darryl Hamilton
  • d) Jim Gantner
16. What is the name of the little league diamond in the Miller Park parking lot?
  • a) The Swamp
  • b) The Regal Begal
  • c) The Max
  • d) Helfaer Field
17. What was the name of Bob Uecker's character on the hit television show Mr. Belvidere?
  • a) George Bluth
  • b) George Owens
  • c) George Wendt
  • d) Curious George
18. How many trips to the playoffs have the Milwaukee Brewers made?
  • a) 0
  • b) 1
  • c) 2
  • d) 3
Bonus questions (worth 1 point each)

Name one of Tim's two favorite foods at Miller Park?

What is Tim's favorite way to get to the stadium?

What is a "Miller Park Sausage Slam"?

1-b 2-a 3-c 4-a 5-c 6-a 7-a 8-d 9-c 10-d 11-b 12-b 13-b 14-b 15-b 16-d 17-b 18-d Bonus1-Super Nachos/Dollar Hot Dogs Bonus2-Bicycle Bonus3-Consuming a brat, Polish, Italian, chorizo and jumbo hot dog in a single game.

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