Milwaukee Brewers 'On-Deck' Live Blog

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Tim Thompson
Thursday, January 24, 2013

They were the words a father longs to hear:

ďAs of now, I am officially a Brewers collector.Ē

Thatís what my son, then 9, said to me last year on the way home from the Brewers' annual "On-Deck" event. It doesn't take much to motivate me to do anything Brewers-related, but this event becomes a must-attend now that I have an official collector at my side.

This year, more than 50 past, current and future Brewers will be on hand to answer questions and sign autographs. It may be too late by the time you read this, but tickets are $15 in advance for adults and $9 for kids. There is a $5/ticket bump if you purchase the day of the event.

Each ticket gets you the opportunity to try for one "premier" autograph, which this year are Ryan Braun, Bob Uecker, Rickie Weeks or Yovani Gallardo. Those will set you back $25, while a non-premier autograph (all other players and coaches in attendance) are $10 or free. Owner Mark Attanasio will be joining Uke and signing autographs at no cost. All proceeds will benefit the Brewers Community Foundation, INC.

I fully understand my son's wide eyes when the opportunity to get an autograph presents itself, much the same way Iím sure my eyes bugged out of my head that winter growing up when Bill Schroeder made his way to the local hardware store. For me at this point, On Deck is more about seeing the players up-close and listening to the Q&A sessions. Any potential autographs will be handled by the official Brewers collector.

My other short one is off for the weekend, continuing her quest for Olympic glory, so I decided to invite "The Bullpen" along for the ride. Having never been, he was more than eager to tag along -- especially once Mrs. Bullpen said he could. Once he was on board we decided to do a live blog for the day. We will link my Twitter feed into Peace & Glove here on gazettextra.com, which will allow you to follow our adventure. I am also going to try and post pictures directly into the blog as we go along. I have seen multiple Brewers bloggers tweet that they will also be there, so hopefully I can keep a pretty active timeline for my...errr your enjoyment.

All my original tweets plus anything I retweet will appear on Peace & Glove. If you want to join the live blog you can follow me on Twitter or use the hashtag #peaceandglove and I will retweet.

We'll activate the live blog when we depart from the farm on Sunday and will have it going until we leave the event, or our batteries die, whichever comes first! Click back here on Sunday or sign up for a Twitter account and join the fun!

Last updated: 9:24 am Monday, April 29, 2013

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