I feel for you, Bears fans

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Tim Thompson
Saturday, January 5, 2013

I couldnít help but chuckle last weekend when my Facebook timeline was littered with Bears fans cheering on the Packers, because their playoff lives depended on it. I totally understand why they would do that ... I chuckled because I knew how it was going to end before it even started.

I donít have a favorite NFL team. If Iím in the mood I will root for one team for a few weeks at a time for various reasons that even I canít predict. That hasnít always been the case. My ĎPopsí brought me up to root for possibly the greatest quarterback of all time, Mr. Dan Marino, and the Miami Dolphins. Iím aware not everyone will agree with that statement, but to each their own.

What also developed during my years of being a Dolphins fan and growing up in Wisconsin was a deep desire to see the Packers lose as often as possible. I use to wear out the old saying, "I root for two teams every Sunday: the Dolphins and whoever is playing the Packers." I fully understand the irony now, but when Ricky Williams walked away from the Dolphins to enjoy other things, I was crushed. I think the Dolphins only won 4 games that year and it just wasnít what I was used to, so I sort of gave up on them.

Back in the day, however, when I did have an interest, I actually went against all my inner voices and cheered for the Packers to win on TWO separate occasions. Thatís how I knew what was going to happen last weekend to the Bears fans. You can't root for a team to lose every weekend and then expect them to win the one time you need them to. That's just not how karma works.

As you all know, the Packers won the Super Bowl in 1996 and made a return trip the following year. I had grown my hair out at the same time and letís just say my mom was not a fan of that choice. She came to town just before the Super Bowl, a game in which I believe the Packers were heavy favorites. We were chatting over dinner and somehow she flipped the conversation on me and before I knew it I said the words, ďIíll tell you what Ma. If the Packers LOSE the Super Bowl, Iíll cut my hair.Ē So there I was cheering for the Packers the entire game and, finally realizing with about 2 minutes left, that my hair would soon be gone and my contempt for the Packers grew a bit more.

I donít recall the year, but the only other time I cheered for the green-and-gold was a scenario just like Bears fans faced last weekend. The Dolphins won their noon game on the final day of the season, and I needed a Packers victory over the Jets in the late game to secure a playoff spot. It didnít happen and I vowed to never, ever cheer for the Packers again.

I grew out of that mojo in the years I didnít watch the NFL and, while I donít outright cheer for the Packers now, I am actually OK when they are doing good and winning football games. I know how valuable a Brewers playoff appearance is to the state and its fans that I can accept the benefits of a Packers victory outweighs any desire to see them lose.

So to that I will say GOOD LUCK PACKER NATION! I wonít cheer for you tonight but just know I wonít be cheering against you, either!

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