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Tim Thompson
Thursday, October 11, 2012

There probably is only one person waiting for this post, but others may recall that before the 2012 season I asked Peace & Glove readers to submit guesses as to how the National League Central standings would look at season's end. As an incentive for the winner, I offered a free Brewers bobblehead from my personal collection to whomever collected the most points.

We ended up with 16 entries, not counting my ineligible self. No one correctly guessed the standings from top to bottom, and a mere three entrants predicted the Reds to be atop the division. Four people correctly guessed that the Milwaukee Brewers would finish in third place, and 14 of 16 guessed the Houston Astros to finish in last place. In addition, 14 of 16 entrants predicted the top three and the bottom three teams -- just not in the correct order.

The top three scores were, of course, those who picked the Reds to win the NL Central. They are: kiomohican, Kenny_Powers, and tjnjc. Kiomohican was eliminated first because he/she missed six points by picking the Pirates to finish third (they finished in fourth place). KP and tjnjc both ended up with 24 points, picking the Reds to win and the bottom three teams in order.

The tie-breaker was based on the number of Brewers wins and Cubs losses. (No one guessed the correct number for either.) I added those numbers together and compared them to the predictions to find out who was closest. The Crew finished with 83 wins, while the Cubbies lost 101 for a total of 184. Tjnjc guessed the Brewers would finish with 89 wins and the Cubbies with 88 losses, for a total of 177. Kenny_Powers guessed the Crew at 90 wins and the Cubs at 88 losses for a score of 178.

Congratulations to Kenny_Powers for winning the Peace & Glove bobblehead giveaway! For his prize, he chose one of my extra, mustachioed John Axford bobbles.

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