Fantasy Flip Flop

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Tim Thompson
Monday, October 8, 2012

As I have mentioned before, I joined two fantasy baseball leagues this summer and was commissioner of the inaugural Peace & Glove league. Here's a quick recap of my fantasy season Ö

I participated in a league run by the guys who run @WISportsBlog, which ended up being my least favorite of my three leagues. This league played a week-long, head-to-head format with 10 offensive categories and 10 pitching categories. However, instead of one team getting a win and one team getting a loss each week, you got a win or a loss for each individual category. I finished 10th out of 14 teams in this league with a record of 159-161, 19 games out of first place. Sound confusing? It is, which is why I probably wonít play this format again. I wonít even get started on the format: a 14-team league with six bench players on each team.

My second league is run by a buddy and uses the "roto" format, in which you accumulate points based on where your team ranks in certain statistical categories. We had 10 teams so whichever led a category received 10 points, the next team got nine and so on down the line. I wasnít super excited about playing this league, mostly because I tried it a few years ago and had no luck, finishing dead last and, like the Brewers of old, I think I gave up by the all-star break. I joined this league at the last minute, mostly because the commish joined my league.

Anyone who has ever drafted a fantasy team will tell you they feel good about their team right after they draft, and I was no exception. Braun went with the No. 1 overall pick; I ended up getting Matt Kemp at No. 3. Kemp helped throughout the year, but also made two different trips to the disabled list. I know the value of the draft, but I also believe championships can be won on the free-agent wire. Picking up the right players at the right time and, more importantly, releasing them at the right time can and will compensate for a less-than-stellar draft.

Iím sure glad I ended up joining this league. Matt Kemp shot me into first place early in the season and I stayed there until about a week before the all-star break, when I dropped to third. After a short stay there I climbed back into first, where I stayed the rest of the season. My lead wasnít a point or two; it ranged from 6-10 at any given time, finished at 7.5 and my lead over the second place team was usually bigger than any other gap down the standings. This was as much of a start-to-finish butt-kicking that Iíve seen in my short fantasy life and it allowed me to claim my first-ever fantasy baseball crown! This league also kicked back the most "attaboys." Yes, Iím bragging. :)

I was commissioner of my third league, which I of course labeled the Peace & Glove league. This was a week-long, head-to-head league with each team receiving a win or loss each week, and featured a four-team playoff for the "attaboys." I was eliminated from the money bracket with about two weeks left and @TheBullpen was eliminated on a tie-breaker at the end of the fantasy regular season. We both played in the consolation bracket, where I went 2-0 to at least save face with a fifth-place finish, while @TheBullpen went 0-2 to finish in eighth place. Iím sure he has an explanationÖ

(TB: I do. It's called no shot at the money and fantasy football season.)

Itís now time to flippity-flop into pigskin mode. Iím sort of like Brett Favre when it comes to fantasy football. Every August I tell myself that Iím not playing again, only to be lured back in. This year it was my buddy down in the Windy City who sent me an invite. This dude started an Alzheimer's foundation called the MaeBell Ward Foundation. Half of the league entry fees go to the foundation, so he got me in by the heartstrings. You can find and follow the MaeBell Ward Foundation on Facebook here.

Since I joined that league I decided to accept the two other invites I received and, against my better judgement, am now in three fantasy football leagues. You donít have to worry about me flippity-flopping the whole blog to Peace & Pigskin, but perhaps a football post or two will pop up this winter.

Any Peace & Glove readers do well in fantasy baseball this year? Is everyone now in fantasy football mode? Also, I will be tallying up the totals and announcing who won the FREE bobblehead later this week!

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