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Tim Thompson
Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I've never been one to be jealous of much. I know what brings me happiness, and thatís all that matters. I hope you have happiness in your life. How you attain that happiness actually doesnít matter to me, as long as you have it. One thing that does spark a bit of jealousy in my bones, though, is Thanksgiving.

Iím not jealous of Thanksgiving the holiday because, like most people, I like to eat turkey and hang out with the family. I am, however, jealous of NFL fans who essentially get one whole day to do nothing but eat and watch football. Iíll have no problem joining those fans for as much food as my ever-expanding married belly will allow, and Iíll even watch some of the football games. But itís not the same if you arenít a Super Fan.

I have nothing of substance to report along the Brewers front. The go-to Brewers blogger, @BrewerNation, has hinted at a potential return of LaTroy Hawkins, as well as a possible trade of Mat Gamel to the Seattle Mariners, but other than that not much is happening. Yes, re-blogging is my favorite way to blog. Deal with it.

On a serious note, The Bullpen and I would like to use this Thanksgiving season to thank the Peace & Glove readers and anyone who takes the time to share their opinions with us. We have fun with P&G and hope you continue to enjoy our posts and, more importantly, the links we use to illustrate our points. That has truly become our favorite part of writing the blog. We value your opinion and interactions, whether they be for us or against us. Thank you all and have a happy Thanksgiving!

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