Let's sweep 'dem Cubs!

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Tim Thompson
Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Earlier this season I wrote about a potential Brewers sweep. When it didn't happen, a Peace & Glove reader hinted that I may be a jinx. At the risk of confirming that hunch, I thought I'd try again.

My brother sent me a text on Monday that said something along the lines of, "Regardless of what place we are in, beating the Cubs is always enjoyable." My reply was, "Yes indeed, I should write a poem :)" So, I took a 10-minute coffee break yesterday and did just that. Enjoy, and go Brewers!

Last year was a blast for Brewer fans,

As the team went on to win 96.

This year however we’ve had problems,

That coach Runnin' Ron has been unable to fix.

The Crew got hit early by the injury bug,

And that of course took a whole bunch of hope.

It only went downhill from there it seemed,

Cuz in retrospect we were at the top of the slope.

Our bullpen imploded way too often,

To stay anywhere close to the top.

For every game we’d pick up,

We would turn around and 3 we would drop.

Such is life as we know it,

In this beautiful Brewer Nation.

Which is why after decades of this life,

There’s one thing still guaranteed: a standing ovation.

When the Brewers and Cubs go head to head,

It's exciting until the final pitch and final out.

Beating each other up along the way,

As if World Series Game 7 was actually in doubt.

We can be (and are) in the middle of a season,

That seems to almost have no end.

Multiple victories over the Cubs however,

Is the best way to begin to mend.

I don’t care if it's nine all-stars,

Or if they field nine minor-league subs,

Life is good, no wait, life is grand,

When we sweep 'dem Cubs!

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