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Tim Thompson
Monday, August 6, 2012

It has been almost a year since I started posting my random thoughts on what weíve come to know and love as Peace & Glove. In that time Iíve received a decent amount of positive feedback from people on this website, as well as random people who introduce themselves to me when Iím out and about (even a couple Cubs fans).

I'd like to thank anyone and everyone who has joined in the discussion over the past year, the people who have given me the positive feedback and even a big thank you to those who have given me negative feedback; itís always nice to get some perspective. A special thank you to those who have promised to stay away from P&G and have actually followed through. We truly appreciate it.

Recently "The Bullpen" and I got together for one of our writing sessions, during which I mentioned to him that I have received a number of questions via email from P&G readers and have had a few more posted in the comments section. That ultimately led to a discussion about how two of the best supporting roles on two of the best shows ever were dorky mailmen. We, of course, then discussed the merits of each and which role was better. We finally decided, much like the old Superman Vs Mighty Mouse debate, that there is no clear cut way to pick a winner. To each his own.

Ultimately we did come up with an idea out of this pseudo-intelligent conversation: to try a Peace & Glove "mailbag" post using reader-submitted questions. Donít fret, Iím won't be replacing Bill Simmons anytime soon; we just want to try something a little different and hopefully have some fun.

This doesnít work without reader participation, so please email me through Gazettextra.com or simply post your question in the comments section. You can also tweet @ me or @ The Bullpen, or direct message us on Twitter with any question you may have. You can ask a Brewers question, a general baseball question, or any random question that tickles your fingertips. If you do not want your Gazettextra ID or your Twitter handle made public, please request that we label the author as "anonymous" or any other fictional name of your choosing.

Thank you all in advance! Ready. Set. Go!

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