Bad things travel in threes?

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Tim Thompson
Sunday, October 23, 2011

A few weeks ago the state of Wisconsin was riding high. The Brewers advanced to the League Championship Series for only the second time in franchise history, the first as members of the National League. Bucky and the boys were undefeated and just sent the Cornhuskers back to Nebraska with their ears between their stalks. Aaron Rodgers was on top of his game, and while I don't follow enough to know the numbers, I know they were good. Still are, obviously.

After years of witnessing it play out, I'm a firm believer in the "similar bad things happen in threes" theory. Not all the time, but enough to consider it a theory.

As we all are aware, the Milwaukee Brewers were beaten by the St. Louis Cardinals in six not-so-respectable games.

Last night the Badgers lost a heart-breaker on a Hail Mary pass as time expired.

Since probably 98 percent of us would agree that the NBA lockout does not count as a third similar thing, I think we need to look at today's football game.

The 6-0 Packers go into Minnesota where, even as only a casual observer, I'm aware they have made a few stumbles in the past. Minnesota is 1-5 and starting a rookie quarterback. Seriously, we are one cheap mustache away from a made-for-TV movie.

Maybe in the past, the "similar bad things happen in threes" theory has been nothing more then mere coincidences and Packers Nation has nothing to worry about. I hope that is the case. Do the Vikes stand a chance today?

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