5 Tweets with Front Row Amy

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Tim Thompson
Friday, October 14, 2011

When it comes to sports, you really never know upon whom the spotlight will shine. You have your perennial all-stars, of course, but once in a while an "outsider" steps into the lime lite. This year a portion of the spotlight shifted from the players onto one particular "super fan."

"Front Row Amy" has found minor celebrity status this year among Brewers fans simply by showing up and sitting in the front row for nearly every game. I don’t have cable TV, so I wasn’t aware of her presence until "The Bullpen" mentioned that he was seeing the same girl in the same seat during most televised games. (Notes from The Bullpen: I noticed Amy only because of her exuberance. I swear.) Shortly thereafter, deadspin.com introduced us to Amy Williams.

Amy lives in Oshkosh and drives 90 minutes one way to Miller Park where, obviously, she sits the in the front row and meticulously keeps score. Front Row Amy and I recently exchanged tweets for the latest installment of "Five Tweets With …"

Me: How long have you been a season-ticket holder? Always in the Front Row, or were you Loge Level Amy last year??

FRA: Had season tickets for 4 years. I used to sit in the 4th row behind home plate but moved up this season because I go by myself so much … when 1 front row seat was available, I took it.

Me: Have there been any “perks” or “annoyances” that have come up because of your new celebrity status?

FRA: No perks yet! No annoyances either. My life is basically the same, but now I have a lot more people to talk Brewers with … and that’s my favorite thing to do, besides go to Miller Park , of course :)

Me: Have you always been a super fan, or did you kick it into high gear at some point? Who do you credit with introducing you to the Brewers?

FRA: Since I started watching them, yes I’ve been a super fan. It was love at first sight, instant passion, instant addiction … I credit JJ Hardy with introducing me to the Brewers. I’m a little ashamed to admit it, but it was because of a picture I saw of him in the paper … and because at the time the Crew was doing really well, I turned on my first game. After I watched that first game?? JJ just became one of my boys.

Me: That’s awesome, did you get a little excited this summer when there was talk of a JJ Hardy to Milwaukee trade?

FRA:I was really pushing for him to come back here, but it wasn’t meant to be, and Yuni has really stepped it up in the postseason. Happy that … JJ had such a great year too. Still wouldn’t mind him being a Brewer again, the lineup with him would be sick.

Me: You recently tweeted that Nyjer Morgan is the Brett Favre of baseball. Can you elaborate?

FRA: His enthusiasm, his love for the game, how he’s right out there with his emotions, his humor, his kid-like demeanor. LUV HIM!!

Me: Makes sense. I didn’t remember reading about him retiring 8 times, so I knew that wasn’t it.

Me: Do you believe in karma? I mean, if a Cubs fan stole your bike, would you smile knowing he would soon be hit by a bus?

FRA: I do. What goes around comes around.

Me: Did you get the chance to take the Front Row mojo on the road this year??

FRA: Nope, haven’t gone on the road yet. If they make the World Series, I’ll go!!

Me: If there was one thing about the game or stadium experience that you could change, what would it be?

FRA: I hate blown calls. I know baseball purists will chastise me, but I'd like to use replay a little more in baseball. Not on balls & strikes … but safe/out call on bases, fair/foul balls. I think in this age of technology something has 2 change there. Other than that...NOTHING! I absolutely adore Miller Park just the way it is. It's my sanctuary. It's my church. It's my second home and I love it. And I love my Brewers!! Go Crew!!!!

Me: Does it bother you every day of your life that you weren’t a fan in ’82 and ’87??

FRA: Well, no, I wouldn't go that far. Woulda been nice if I had been into baseball back then, but given my situation, there's just no way I ... would've been. Parents divorced when I was 2 yrs old. Dad wasn't around. Mom wasn't into baseball. Plus, I spent the first 9 years of my ... life in Illinois , so if I HAD been a baseball fan as a child, I might've been a Cubs fan! Wouldn't want that! So, no, it doesn't really... bother me. I'm just enjoying the now.

Me: How do you feel about the pitching matchups for the rest of the series??

FRA: Well, everyone knows that Wolf is not my favorite pitcher, but, strangely enough, I KNEW he would … do a good job last night! I was sitting in my car at the gas station Tuesday morning, feeling bad about our loss the day before, and all of a … sudden a calmness came over me, and this voice in my head said, "Game 4 ... Wolfy is gonna be great ... don't worry". It was the most bizarre … thing! So, yeah, I'm very proud of Randy! He pitched his ass off, didn't he? Sexy curves too!

As far as tonight, I'm good with Greinke. All the home vs road stuff means nothing to me. It's all about who you play, how you pitch, and how you feel. And I think Greinke is feeling … confident and ready for tonite. Game 6 worries me. I really don't think Marcum should start. I've been lobbying hard for Narveson to start that one because Cards are not good vs LHP, and he's pretty much dominated them every time he's pitched against them this season. But I knew … RR wouldn't listen to me on that one. He still has faith in Marcum. So be it. It is what it is. But I'd like C-Narve to be ready as if he's … starting that game. Hopefully, if Marcum struggles, Ron will bring him out before it's too late. I think C could pitch 4, maybe even 5 … innings if need be. GO BREWERS.

Because of the response Amy has received from Brewers fans she set up a Facebook fan page for Front Row Amy. You can also follow her on Twitter.

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