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Tim Thompson
October 3, 2011

WOW ... what a weekend! Wisconsin hasn't seen that level of sports success (or media attention) in a long, long time. Congrats to the Badgers and Packers, but no offense -- this is a Brewers blog and we are here to talk about the Crew!

The Brewers did their part, maintaining their home-field advantage by defeating the Arizona Diamondbacks in the first two games of the National League Division Series. I was at Sunday's game and was one of the 45,000 or so that cheered their team on to victory. It was as loud and as electric an atmosphere as I have ever seen at Miller Park.

The Crew now heads to Phoenix needing just one more win to advance to the NLCS. Game 3 begins at 8:37 p.m. Tuesday ... it's a great time to be a Brewers fan!

Speaking of fans, last week someone I know -- someone whom I thought was a Brewers fan -- predicted a first-round playoff loss for the Crew. It got me thinking: What kind of fan flatly predicts a first-round loss for their team?? The term "doom-and-gloom fan" popped into my head.

I then thought about some other types of fans I have come across and decided to make a list. Some are Brewers-specific, some pertain the NL Central, but all are baseball related. Thanks to some input from the Bullpen we came up with the following….

Die-hard Brewers fan: This fan BELIEVES, without a doubt, that the Crew has a chance every season until the moment they are mathematically eliminated -- and even then, this fan hopes for a statistical error. This fan can also tell you all of the characters names on "Mr. Belvedere," and not because it was a good show. (Notes from The Bullpen: This fan also gets choked up when walking into Miller Park for his first postseason game and doesn't mind standing in one spot for four hours, cheering on his team.)

Doom-and-gloom fan: Always predicts the demise of his team, regardless of the opponent or his team's on-the-field performance. This is the worst kind of fans to sit next to at a game.

Packers/Brewers fan: This fan loves the Brewers until football season starts, and recalls the Geoff Jenkins era fondly because he looked like Brett Favre. This fan has recovered nicely since they took his reason for living away -- two Packers games at County Stadium every season.

Fair-weather fan: Fairly common to find, this fan only boasts of being a fan and only pays attention when his team is doing well. This fan is quite easy to ignore and can be easily identified when asking if anyone knows the score of the previous night's game.

Bandwagon fan: Often confused with the fair-weather fan; the difference being that the fair-weather fan will make an appearance or two every year, whereas the bandwagon fan only crops up during good seasons and major events. This fan is tolerable in the sense that they ensure tickets are readily available during tough times, and their interest drives up the market value on tickets during the good times.

Fake Brewers fan: A close relative of the fair-weather/bandwagon fan. This fan's loyalty doesn’t change with the flow of the team, but the flow of whom he happens to be with. This fan finds it amazing when, at 35 years old, he learns that the old ball-and-glove logo forms an "M" and a "B." This fan can be quickly ID'ed through a couple rounds of Brewers trivia.

The Sunshine fan: This fan only shows up when the sun is shining. Thanks to Miller Park's retractable roof, this fan is on the brink of extinction in Wisconsin. These fans generally are pleasant people … when the sun is shining. *name courtesy of lovemycountry

Negative Nancy fan: The person that can watch Prince hit three home runs in a Brewers victory and somehow remain focused on what could have been. It’s difficult to watch a game with these fans, who usually travel within groups of the other kinds of fans.

Drunken Brewers fan: Goes to the games planning to have a good time, only to be passed out drunk by the fourth inning. Please, if you see one of these fans passed out, let them lie; if you see one acting up, keep the kids away and report any vulgar language.

Brewers/Cubs fan: Often created when a Brewers fan marries a Cubs fan and their offspring want to please both parents. I understand this fan least of all. I mean, I understand how upbringing could create the feeling to root for both, but at some point we are adults and responsible for our own actions. They say love is blind but I'm not sure how it could miss the big red Cubs logo. These fans are usually only spotted at games and wear clothing representing both teams. I’m not a fan of more laws, but if cities can pass an ordinance pertaining to the legal amount of underwear a person can have on display, they certainly should be able to do something about a Brewers shirt/Cubs hat combo.

Home Team fan: This fan is one of the most loyal there are, rooting for the home team in all scenarios at all times. This fan doesn't always know the details of the game or the season, but they know they want their state represented with a W!! *courtesy of 8675309

"Check out the view" fan: These are usually female and usually are with a significant other. They enjoy watching the game merely to see how some of the players’ back sides look in their uniform. Lately these fans have been known to flock to the left field area in Miller Park .

"Fire 'em all" fan: Those who immediately call for the manager/general manager/player/pitching coach/bat boy to be fired. These fans do this whether it be game No. 1 or 162. This fan is a relative of the Negative Nancy fan and often calls for a firing immediately after a taste of success.

Cubs fan: There are two versions: -- The "Real" Cubs fan dislikes losing, hates the decades of obscurity, loathes the multiple three-and-done playoff appearance and faithfully believes next year is THE year. -- The "Old Style" Cubs fan usually cannot name more than one or two players on the team, let alone past non-superstar players. Goes to Wrigley simply for the Old Style beer.

Cardinals fan: Some of the best fans in the game. Can be seen at other teams’ stadiums on a regular basis, generally pleasant when interacting with opposing fans. This fan does not panic when the team hits a slump; they just calmly wait for Pujols to get hot. (Side note: On occasion, when Cardinals fan believes his identity is protected, he may resort to juvenile tactics to justify his belief that his team is better, regardless of records.)

Astros fan: This fan is more of an urban legend. You know, “I have a cousin who knows a guy who’s neighbor is an Astros fan.”

Pirates fan: Not as rare as the Astros fan, but still somewhat of an urban legend. If you find one of these fans, he will without a doubt tell you how good Barry Bonds was before his head grew two sizes. These fans often like to discuss how many championships the Steelers have won. (Notes from The Bullpen: I have nothing but the utmost respect for the city of Pittsburgh and its fine sports franchises. Please don't take offense, Pirates fan; it's all in good fun!)

There are of course also many combinations of the various fans. Are you on this list? Have you encountered any of the fans on this list? Or, do you know of another type of fan not listed here? Post them here and I will add the good ones to the bottom of my list. If you want it posted without your name, email it to me.

The good ole days fan: Someone who no matter how good the current team is, still brings up the '82 Brewers. Yeah, Fielder and Braun are good, but it remains to be seen if they'll both be in the Hall like Fingers, Sutton, Molitor and Yount. The '82 Brewers had 4 guys that could hit over 30 homers. It was a blessing if the game was rained out at the Old County Stadium cause then we could spend the afternoon at the bar. Gorman Thomas didn't need no stinken steroids. *courtesy of futurerichguy

Anyone but the Yankees fan: Self explanitory!! *courtesy of Badgerlvr

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