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Tim Thompson
Friday, December 16, 2011

Meet Rob Wooten. The 6-foot-4 right-handed pitcher came to the Brewers in 2008 from the University of North Carolina. Rob is a native North Carolinian and was known as a workhorse during his college career. In 2007 he set a UNC school record and led the NCAA by appearing in 47 games. He also set an NCAA record that same year by appearing in six College World Series games.

After being drafted, Rob in 2008 split the season between the Brewers' rookie-league team in Helena, Mont., and the franchise's single-A team in West Virginia, compiling a 1.74 ERA over 14 games. In 2009 he pitched in 53 games for the "high" class-A Brevard County (Fla.) Manatees and the double-A Huntsville (Ala.) Stars, posting a 2.67 ERA.

Rob missed all of 2010 recovering from "Tommy John" surgery but returned in 2011 to make 48 combined appearances for Brevard County and Huntsville.

I recently asked Mr. Wooten, via Twitter, if he would let me pester him with a few questions. He found time to answer in between what are seemingly constant offseason workouts. Here's the result -- enjoy!

Me: Do you spend your offseason in NC?

Rob: Yes my wife and I have a house here. I love it here. It's home

Me: That's cool. Did you make it to the NC/Wisco basketball game? And do you think you guys would even be close in Madison ? ;)

Rob: I don't miss many games and yes I was there. Come on now. Youíre talking about the best program in the country. Venues don't bother us. We have a pretty good venue ourselves. Plus I thought we played poorly that game, but I do think that credits Wisconsin.

Me: Bo Ryan is 152-11 at home. I'm good with that. :) So whatís the best experience youíve had so far because of professional baseball?

Rob: Just playing the game and competing with some of the best. The fall league was an awesome experience. The best has yet to come.

Me: Do you know where you will be starting the season yet or is that determined in spring training?

Rob: I'm hearing AAA and that's what I expect, but I will have to perform at a high level in spring training.

Me: You got this. 9th inning man out of the chute?

Rob: I love the 9th inning and the pressure that comes along with it. But I will do whatever they want me to do to pitch in Milwaukee.

Me: Perfect. So unless Iím missing something, you didnít go through Appleton, correct?

Rob: No we were in West VA then.

Me: Are you looking forward to playing in MKE and having full-time access to our delicious cheese curds? :)

Rob: Ha, of course. I'm looking forward to playing there and everything that comes along with it.

Me: We're looking forward to having ya. So you tweet often that you are working out. What kind of arm work do you do in the offseason?

Rob: Going through the rehab I did following TJ (surgery). I really take care of my shoulder and elbow with numerous exercises.

Me: You missed all of 2010? How does it feel now?

Rob: Yes all of 2010. Feels great now. Excited to be 100% this year.

Me: I can only imagine! So what do the Wootens have on their television on a regular basis?

Rob: UNC basketball and the old "Two and a Half Men."

Me: Ha. Awesome. Well I wont keep you any more Rob, I REALLY appreciate you taking the time. I'll post early next week and tweet you the link! Good luck this season and good luck to NC ... until they run into Bucky again!

Rob: Ha, thank you and good luck to the Badgers if they make it that far. Ha.

Me: I hope they do. It'd be a fun rematch!

Rob: It would be. I hate how Wisconsin slows us down. Love to run and gun.

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