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Should city keep landfill open?

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Greg Peck
May 31, 2013

Some residents would argue that it makes no sense to invite outside haulers to dump trash and fill our landfill, leaving God knows what toxic substances to someday leak into our groundwater. Others bemoan the stench of a landfill so close to the hub of commerce.

Others might disagree and point out that the landfill helps reduce trash and recycling service costs for city residents. They also reason that the landfill is a valuable resource for residents, who can drop off brush and other yard waste for free. They also can get free compost for their yards and gardens. Besides, if you have an old couch or appliance, you can leave it at the landfill. Absent such a drop-off point, how many such unwanted items might wind up clogging garages, cluttering backyards or worse—dumped under cover of darkness in some roadside ditch?

City Operations Director John Whitcomb pegs borrowing expenses for opening and capping various landfill cells at more than $10 million through 2023. He detailed these during a May 21 city council study session on sanitation fund costs—which include landfill, trash and recycling services.

So should the city keep open its landfill? The Gazette will share its perspectives in its editorial Sunday.

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