Proposed changes at Craig and Parker

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Greg Peck
May 16, 2013

Changes coming at Janesville’s Craig and Parker high schools will mean longer school days and more classes starting in fall 2014. Eventually, students will need 26.5 credits to graduate instead of the current 22.5.

What’s driving the changes? School officials admit results on ACT college-readiness tests have been “lackluster.”

Last week, high school staffers got a preview of a curriculum overhaul dubbed Project Redesign that officials and about 90 teachers have been working on. The plan boosts the number of credits needed to graduate by one each year from 2014-15 to 2017-18. Students would attend eight classes three days per week and four 85-minute periods the other two days to support in-depth labs, projects and activities. Students would have advisories just once per week instead of four.

The changes adjust start times and the final bell and shave five minutes off lunch periods but don’t significantly alter the school day for either students or their parents. The plan would reduce class sizes from 32 students to 28.

Reporter Frank Schultz provided more details of the plan in a story last week.

Do these changes make sense? We’ll share our perspectives in our editorial Friday.

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