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New program will benefit employers, future workers

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Greg Peck
May 13, 2013

Worker skills needed in Wisconsin are parochial. How an employer does things here might differ greatly from a company in the Fox Valley.

If labor data aren’t communicated effectively, too many young adults wind up pursuing expensive four-year college degrees, only to discover they can’t find jobs.

Inspire Wisconsin-Rock County is a new program with a two-pronged goal: to help students focus on viable careers and local employers develop future workers. The program would include web-based individual platforms that middle-school youngsters and companies could build to showcase interests in hopes they can forge connections. It would involve career development tools, social media and workforce data. Educators and parents also would have access and input.

Jim Leute reported on the program in last Wednesday’s Gazette.

How would this program benefit both future workers and employers? We’ll share our perspectives on this project in our editorial Tuesday.

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