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I’m declaring moratorium on winter wear

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Greg Peck
May 1, 2013

Today is May 1. Weve been really impatient waiting for May. Not because we expect some May Day basket (Remember those? I recall making them when I was a Cub Scout. Does anyone give or receive them anymore?) but because it means the end of a mostly dreadful month of April. Lots of cold. Lots of raintoo much if your home is prone to flooding problems.

Finally, in recent days, weve gotten that sweet taste of spring. Buds are bursting forth. Heck, the warm air has been almost summerlike.

Forecasters, however, say were headed back toward more of what April wrought. The high temperature Friday will struggle to hit 50; the low Thursday might dip to the 30s. On a cool predawn walk, I might be tempted to don the gloves and winter coat.

But no more. Im putting them away. The heck with that. Its May, for crying out loud. Its time to smell the flowers and mow the lawn! No more winter wear!

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