Who’s best to lead Milton into future?

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Greg Peck
March 28, 2013

On Tuesday, Milton residents will choose between three candidates seeking to be mayor for the next two years. The choices are two-term incumbent Tom Chesmore, Councilman Brett Frazier and Councilwoman Nancy Lader.

Chesmore, who unseated then-Mayor Nate Bruce in 2009, is running for what he says would be his final term. This is a part-time role that pays $2,200 per year, but the mayor serves as the face of Milton for prospective residents and businesses.

Milton is planning for many public works projects, and when the Highway 26 bypass is completed next year, it will change the dynamics for businesses and their potential customers. Which candidate has the best vision to lead Milton into the future?

We’ll share our perspectives in our editorial Friday.

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