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There’s a hole in the roadway

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Greg Peck
March 26, 2013

“They’re all over,” John Whitcomb says of potholes in Janesville. No kidding.

Whitcomb, operations director in our city’s public works department, was interviewed by reporter Shelly Birkelo for a story in Friday’s Gazette.

He says the city can’t fix the holes unless it knows about them and urges residents to report them. You can do so by contacting the public works department online or calling 608-755-3110.

Below is a picture of one I photographed on Fremont Street near Milwaukee Street a few blocks from our home. I noticed it growing in size, so I walked down to take this picture March 16. By the next Monday, crews had filled it. No word on whether they found and retrieved any sunken minivans below the ice before filling it.


This pothole likely will re-emerge now that warmer daytime weather has finally arrived, followed by overnight freezing temperatures. Those repeated freeze-thaw cycles cause pavement to deteriorate and leave potholes. It also doesn’t help, of course, that because of budget constraints the city has been lagging in the number of street miles it resurfaces each year.

Where is the biggest pothole you’ve seen/hit in Janesville? Which city street is in the biggest need of repairs?

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