Our endorsement in DPI race

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Greg Peck
March 26, 2013

You wouldn’t know it from listening to political ideologues, but Wisconsin’s state superintendent of public instruction is nonpartisan. That’s right; the state superintendent is the only constitutional officer elected on a nonpartisan race. He or she also is not a member of the governor’s Cabinet. The Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance also points out that the Badger State is one of only 14 states to elect the head of its state education department and that ours is one of only two states without a state board of education.

That makes the office now held by Tony Evers especially important. He is endorsed by the Wisconsin Education Association Council, the state’s largest teachers union. His opponent is state Rep. Don Pridemore, a Republican from Hartford.

The two candidates differ widely on the issues, particularly Gov. Scott Walker’s budget proposal to expand the use of state money so more students can attend private voucher schools. Pridemore applauds the idea, while Evers opposes it.

Who’s the best choice to lead our state’s public instruction department for the next four years? We’ll reveal our endorsement in Wednesday’s Gazette editorial.

The lineup for our other endorsements: Thursday, Wisconsin Supreme Court. Friday, Milton mayor. Saturday, Janesville City Council. Sunday, Janesville School Board.

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