Can Bucky make the Sweet 16?

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Greg Peck
March 19, 2013

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament begins this week. Did the Wisconsin Badgers and Marquette Golden Eagles get reasonable seeds? How far can each club go? Will either make the Sweet 16, perhaps even the Elite Eight?

Lots of experts think the Big Ten Conference was the strongest in the nation this year. The teams sure are battle tested after beating up on each other. Do you think one of the Big Ten teams or some other club will win it all this year?

I’d like to say that the Badgers will again make the Sweet 16 before falling. A victory in their opening-round game at 11:40 a.m. Friday against Ole Miss, however, is no given. Andy Katz of ESPN had this to say about Ole Miss and that match-up:

“Marshall Henderson was on display with all his warts and highlights Sunday in the SEC tournament title game win over Florida in Nashville, Tenn. Now the question for Ole Miss will be can Henderson find the room to get shots off against Wisconsin in one of the most interesting round of 64 match-ups. This 5-12 tussle in Kansas City promises to be something to see.”

Remember that Florida thumped UW early in the season, when the Badgers were trying to overcome the preseason loss of Josh Gasser to a knee injury. If Ole Miss can take down Florida in their conference tournament championship game, can the Badgers get past the Rebels?

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