An inside look at homelessness

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Greg Peck
March 13, 2013

Gazette reporter Neil wound up choosing one of the worst weeks of weather this winter to immerse himself in the world of homelessness.

One morning, Johnson was trudging from the GIFTS men’s shelter, which was housed that week at Emmanuel Free Methodist Church off Highway 14, to a bus stop at Pine Tree Plaza. Using the Ice Age Trail, he slogged through four inches of snow that had fallen atop frozen rain from the previous night. He stopped to get out of the howling wind and huddled among hickory trees long enough to dig a ski mask out of his backpack—and tear his pants on an old knot of barbed wire.

One night, filing a story on his laptop computer on the icy, snowy sidewalk outside Piggly Wiggly in Milton and awaiting a bus back to Janesville, his ears and nose turned red from frost nip.

He wrote about his experiences in last Sunday’s Gazette.

Why did he do it? What was the point?

We’ll share our perspectives in our editorial Thursday.

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