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Greg Peck
June 14, 2013

It rightly frustrates some merchants when shoppers think nothing of walking for blocks in big cities or all over a mall but expect to park right in front of businesses in downtown Janesville.

The cityís parking surveys suggest congestion isnít as bad as some residents might think. Sure, from time to time, particularly early evenings, the parking plaza over the Rock River fills up as people pour into the Janesville Athletic Club Express and Dance Attitudes (I know; I'm among those working out at the club.). The city also found that the senior centerís parking lot and the first block of South Main Street are busy.

Usually, however, convenient parking is available. A 2011 survey found the overall occupancy rate had dropped to 37 percent from 48 percent a year earlier. The plazaís occupancy rate dipped to 59 percent from 68 percent. A city planner says weekend parking wasnít an issue.

Yet concerns about parking will go to a whole new level given that the deteriorating, 50-year-old plaza will likely be demolished within four years.

Is the city doing everything it can to prepare for that inevitability? What should it do, and how can you provide input?

Weíll share our perspectives in our editorial Sunday.

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