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A Snappy good time

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Greg Peck
Thursday, June 6, 2013

Last Saturday night, my wife, Cheryl, and I took our grandkids, 11-year-old Lexi and 4-year-old Remy, to a Snappers baseball game at Beloit’s Pohlman Field. This is the first year the Beloit franchise is part of the Oakland A’s organization, and I was interested to see the product.

Well, if the action on the field was any indication, the Snappers should be fun to follow all summer. The Snappers banged out 16 hits, including three homers, to thump Quad Cities, 10-3. I was impressed that Lexi asked me many baseball-related questions while seated next to me most of the game.

We went in part because I knew fireworks were scheduled for after the game—a bonus treat for the kids. The pyrotechnic display was impressive, but as the game dragged on, Remy was getting antsy, as you might expect. We’d get up every inning or two to get a snack, play a game behind the grandstand or give him time to romp on the playground. When the Snappers added five runs in the bottom of the seventh, I knew Remy had about all he’d sit still for.

Just then, Snappy strolled by our section, and I told Remy we should go say “hi” to the turtle mascot. I noticed that one of the two guys selling 50-50 raffle tickets (I’d purchased three for $2 but didn’t win the pot) had taken a seat across the aisle from me. As Remy and I got up to chase down Snappy, the guy reached out and gave Remy a new baseball and told him to get Snappy to sign it. I urged Remy to thank the kind man, and the guy assured me that, yes, Snappy has a pen for signing autographs. We had to chase the turtle past the dugout, but he indeed signed. Remy thanked Snappy, too.

Afterward, a slightly befuddled Remy looked at the ball and asked me, “Why do I have this?”

“Because that nice man gave it to you, and Snappy was nice enough to sign it. You can keep it, take it home and show your dad. He’ll be impressed!”

Remy must have been better behaved than a year ago when we took him and his sister to a Snappers game. I remember Grandma ordering him repeatedly to sit down last summer. As Saturday’s game wound down, a woman seated in front of us told my wife that she was impressed at how well behaved our grandkids were.

Maybe they ARE growing up. I’m sure Remy will remember getting that ball and say “yes” the next time I ask if he wants to go to a Snappers game.

The four tickets cost me $33. We got $1 pizza slices late in the game. The drive is a short one, and you don’t pay to park just a block or two away. Overall, a game in Beloit is a bargain compared to taking in a Milwaukee Brewers game.

Check out the Snappers’ schedule at the team’s website. The team is back home Tuesday night to open a three-game set against the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers from the Fox Valley.

Greg Peck can be reached at (608) 755-8278 or gpeck@gazettextra.com. Or follow him on Twitter or Facebook

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Greg Peck can be reached at (608) 755-8278 or gpeck@gazettextra.com. Or follow him on Twitter or Facebook.

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