Have you ever called Diggers Hotline?

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Greg Peck
July 17, 2013

When was the last time you called Wisconsinís Diggers Hotline? A more important question might be: When was the last time you dug a hole in your yard WITHOUT calling Diggers Hotline?

Last weekend, I called the site for two reasons. We have a wood rack for grape vines on the back side of our garden, and the rack is rotting. I want to replace some of the boards and dig holes to add a couple more 4-by-4 support columns. Iím also considering planting another tree. Outside of the garden, I had never done any digging on this side of the yard. Though I suspected no power or other utility lines exist on this side of our corner lot, I wanted to make sure.

So I called Diggers Hotline at 811 or 1-800-242-8511. Itís a one-stop shop for homeowners and contractors. You need to give them three business days to alert and have all utility companies come out and mark your yard.

The hotline personnel are thorough, to say the least. Donít expect this to be a quick call; instead, figure to spend about five minutes on the phone. Among other questions, the staffer will ask you what type of digging you plan to do, exactly where on your yard, when, and if youíll be using any tall power equipment.

Now, my three days have passed, and as I suspected, itís safe to dig on this half of our yard. Better safe than sorry, though, wouldnít you agree? Why risk an expensiveóand potentially dangerousóaccident?

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