How can you help out police in summer?

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Greg Peck
July 11, 2013

Nationwide studies show that crime rates rise in summer, and it’s no different in Janesville, as reporter Nico Savidge detailed in Sunday’s Gazette.

In summer, more people are out and about. More people drink at parties that stretch into the night and can get unruly. Kids with idle time get into mischief. More burglars are on the prowl, can do dirty work without leaving tracks in snow and strike when people leave homes vacant during vacations. Hot weather can make people irritable and agitated, contributing to aggressive behavior and domestic violence.

The thing is, residents can be their own worst enemies, almost inviting criminals. People who haven’t been victimized tend to get sloppy about protecting homes and vehicles.

In our editorial Friday, we’ll offer tips and advice to avoid being victimized.

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