Should Braun be suspended?

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Greg Peck
July 10, 2013

Now that “The Kid” has discontinued his “Peace and Glove” blog on our website, I thought I’d take this opportunity to discuss the fate of Milwaukee Brewer slugger Ryan Braun. A new ESPN report says Major League Baseball will suspend him for refusing to answer questions regarding his connection to the Biogenesis clinic and former operator Tony Bosch. This is the clinic accused of doling out banned performance-enhancing substances to professional baseball players in recent years.

Braun was one of those suspected, but mishandling of a random sample in which he supposedly tested positive for elevated testosterone allowed him to escape an almost-certain 100-game suspension last season.

Now, ESPN says Commissioner Bud Selig will suspend Braun and up to 20 other players sometime after next week’s all-star break.

It seemingly wouldn’t have an impact on this year’s Milwaukee ball club, given its sad-sack season so far—the modest two-game win streak against Cincinnati notwithstanding.

In a story in today’s Gazette, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Tom Haudricourt says Braun essentially evoked his Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate himself during his interview late last month with Major League Baseball investigators. If he has such a right, does Selig have a right—and justification—to suspend him?

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