Do we have an abundance of bunnies?

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Greg Peck
July 9, 2013

Do we have more rabbits around this spring? It seems like it to me. Molly, our cairn terrier, gets pretty excited whenever she sees a bunny when we’re out for our early-morning walk. Today, we saw three cottontails, including one little hopper. I know we’ve seen at least a half dozen some days.

I thought the local population of coyotes on our city’s fringes was perhaps keeping the population of rabbits down. Maybe I was wrong.

My wife, Cheryl, and I had breakfast with a group of people from our church Sunday, and at one point the conversation turned to gardens ravaged by rabbits. One fellow said rabbits had mowed his beets and other plants clean off. The bunnies don’t seem to be attacking our small plot of veggies, though I did find a dead baby bunny among Cheryl’s flowers around our bird bath recently. (The bunny wasn’t a victim of Molly—she stays on a rope when outdoors).

Other than fencing your garden, have you used any products that worked to keep the ravenous rabbits at bay?

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