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How much are you spending on fireworks?

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Greg Peck
July 2, 2013

Hereís how much Iíll be spending on fireworks this Fourth of July: $0. It has been so many years since Iíve bought any fireworks that I canít recall the last time. Because our grandkids donít spend the holiday with us, I donít even invest in sparklers.

But judging from the noise in our neighborhood around the typical Independence Day celebration, a lot of people invest much in small arsenals. Last year, it was relatively quiet as people heeded the warnings not to spark a fire amid the drought. This year, Iím guessing theyíll let their pyrotechnic displays fly.

How much will you be spending? Now that the Rock Aqua Jays have postponed Independence Day on the Rock until Sept. 1 due to flooding at Janesville's Traxler Park, will you be going elsewhere to see a community fireworks display on the Fourth of July? Did you go to see those that New Life Assembly of God put on Saturday night during the churchís annual Freedom Fest? Weíve gotten feedback that they were again spectacular.

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