Stores can charge you to use credit

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Greg Peck
January 30, 2013

Effective last Sunday, owners of stores in most states, including Wisconsin, can charge you up to 4 percent of your bill to use a credit card. I didnít know that until I heard it on a TV news report.

The change comes thanks to a court ruling last year that determined merchants can pass along to their customers the fees that credit card companies charge the store owners. When you use a credit card, the bank issuing the credit usually charges the store 2 percent of the transaction price, Time Magazine reported. Such charges apparently aren't allowed when using debit cards.

Any store that plans to charge customers for using credit cards must post a sign at its entrance and/or homepage, the magazine reported. Stores donít have to disclose the amount until the point of sale.

ABC News reported that itís unlikely that many small retailers would use the surcharge because itís not worth angering customers.

Would you reconsider using a certain store or restaurant if it did?

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