Considering Janesville’s Fourth Ward

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Greg Peck
January 18, 2013

Many people still perceive Janesville’s Fourth Ward, the historic neighborhood adjacent to downtown, as a place with too much poverty and too much crime. But is that impression fair? Is it really a dangerous place, compared to tougher neighborhoods in some cities?

If it’s such a bad place, consider the reports from Marcia Nelesen in last Sunday’s Gazette. Most people she talked to offered anecdotes that suggest the Fourth Ward has improved much in recent years. Some new-coming families found great values on homes with character, yet they had to push real estate agents to show them homes in the neighborhood.

A few years ago, caring residents formed a Neighborhood Action Team to improve living conditions. The city has worked hard to help out, as well. Police give the neighborhood more attention, and ordinances have helped authorities root out crime, roaming troublemakers and undesirable renters.

Do you sense these actions are paying off?

We’ll share our perspectives in our editorial Saturday.

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