Tech vs. UW pay scale is eye-opener

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Greg Peck
January 7, 2013

I don’t know about you, but a wire story in Sunday's Gazette surprised me. It pointed out that full-time instructors at Wisconsin technical colleges averaged more earnings than full-time professors in the UW System.

The report by Gannett Wisconsin Media showed that when pay for “overages”—additional teaching assignments—are included, the tech instructors earned an average of $90,000 last year and the UW professors earned just over $86,000.

Some observers believe that letting professors accumulate overages saves money by helping the schools avoid having to hire more workers. Others say the system limits staff diversity and allows for excessive compensation. The report noted that one instructor at Fox Valley Technical College, Terry Fleischman, nearly doubled his $88,000 salary through overages. Another, Deb Seline, who teaches at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in Green Bay, earned almost $121,000 in overage pay but said she worked up to 15 hours per day and seven days a week.

What do you think? Does it surprise you that tech teachers earn more than UW professors when both are working what’s considered full-time schedules? Does this report suggest that the technical colleges are overpaying instructors, that the UW is underpaying its professors, or some combination of the two?

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