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Does charter school expansion make sense?

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Greg Peck
January 4, 2013

The Janesville School District includes two regular high schools, three middle schools and a dozen elementary schools. It also has four charter schools, which offer alternative programming. These four are the Janesville Virtual Academy, the TAGOS Leadership Academy, the Academy for International Studies and the Rock River Charter School.

The latter charter school offers alternative programs that help teens who are at risk of dropping out. It also provides programs to help dropouts get high school equivalency degrees.

The Rock River Charter School now serves about 150 students, ages 14-21. It also has a waiting list. As Frank Schultz reporter detailed in the Dec. 27 Gazette, Superintendent Karen Schulte has numbers suggesting the district could expand this charter school and, because of state aid, come out ahead.

Does this make sense? We’ll share our perspective in our editorial Saturday.

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