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Poetic thoughts about volunteerism

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Greg Peck
February 21, 2013

I got an email on Wednesday from Linda Schumacher of Edgerton. She wondered I might be interested in printing a little poem she penned.

I thanked her but said I couldn’t do that.

“Our policy prohibits poetry in letters, even though we don’t state it often, and that’s only because the subject seldom comes up,” I responded. “We don’t print poetry as letters because one person’s idea of good poetry is annoying to the next reader. We don’t open that door in order to avoid receiving a flood of similar submissions.”

I thought her poem contained a good message about volunteerism, however, so I asked her permission to perhaps include it in a blog.

She agreed, so here, it is:

“What If God Was ‘Too Busy’?”

Life today is not slow
People to see
Places to go

Yet, at night
When the pace
Starts to lessen

Our mind goes to sleep
And our soul refreshes

God is with us
He always has time
As should we
Please: Honor the Divine

By Linda Schumacher, Edgerton

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