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Reflecting on Super Bowl

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Greg Peck
February 4, 2013

Absent the Packers, I was only marginally interested in the Super Bowl's outcome. I was rooting for San Francisco, but only mildly so. I could appreciate that Baltimore’s Ray Lewis is retiring a champion. So after that lengthy power outage kept the game running late, I went to bed soon after the game ended and slept peacefully, not frustrated that my team lost.

I made sure I caught most commercials. They’re often as entertaining as the game itself. A lot of car companies had good commercials this time around.

My favorites included two from Doritos (the goat and the daddy with the “princess” daughter), two from Hyundai (the Santa Fe adventure and team of football bullies), Dodge Ram one about the farmer, the Audi “prom” ad, the Oreos whisper fight and the M&M one.

Which did you like best?

I thought Beyonce’s halftime show was better than those of recent years from Bruce Springsteen and Madonna. (I admit, however, that I was doing household chores during much of halftime; the power outage soon afterward allowed me to use our AT&T U-verse package to back up and catch what I’d missed of Beyonce’s performance.)

I’m sure CBS was glad to see the 49ers rally after that power outage—the better to retain viewers.

Hope you weren't counting your pool winnings before that last-second safety!

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