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Helping the FCC find Footville

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Greg Peck
April 24, 2013

Hey, FCC, meet Footville. Granted, Footville isn’t very big. It is, however, home to about 800 people and is an incorporated village, established in 1854, about 10 miles west of Janesville. It also is home to an elementary school, a nine-hole golf course, a few churches, bars and restaurants, and more than a dozen other businesses.

The FCC’s ignorance came to the attention of state Sen. Tim Cullen, D-Janesville, when some residents complained that they can’t get discounted FCC Lifeline phones because their addresses weren’t “recognized.”

How does this hurt low-income Footville residents, and what is being done to enlighten the FCC? We’ll explain in one of two Gazette editorials Thursday.

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