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A visionary look at 2020

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Greg Peck
April 5, 2013

To progress, Janesville and Rock County need not just fiscal conservatives but visionary leaders. It takes the right public investments, at the right times and places, to stir further development.

That was never truer than 4˝ years ago, when the auto industry rolled out of Janesville. Rock County’s economy has improved from those dark days. Yet much work remains. New jobless numbers in Thursday’s Gazette bear that out.

The Vision 2020 section coming in Sunday’s Gazette provides glimpses of what our future might hold in seven years and beyond. Two sets of stories stick out. Jim Leute reports on the reinvention of manufacturing and the infrastructure we have and will need to support it. Manufacturers, of course, need workers, and an attractive lifestyle helps lure that talent. That makes Marcia Nelesen’s look at downtown riverfront redevelopment noteworthy.

In our editorial Sunday, we’ll offer perspectives on these two aspects of Vision 2020.

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