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When bullies take to the Internet

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Greg Peck
April 4, 2013

In our editorial Friday, we’ll offer thoughts and perspectives on how the Janesville School District handles the problem of bullying and releasing of related information to the public.

In last Sunday’s Gazette, reporter Frank Schultz provided an inside look at this issue. I was surprised that the district had only 74 documented incidents in the 2011-12 school year, that only 15 of those came from the high schools and that only three involved cyberbullying.

You can expect more bullying through use of the Internet and social media in the years to come. Recently, a newspaper in Connecticut identified through their online photos young cyberbullies who harassed two 13-year-olds who accused older football players of rape. After all, the paper's editors reasoned, these bullies are exposing themselves by putting their nasty comments out on the World Wide Web; why shouldn’t the paper expose them in its news pages?

Do you think the editors made a wise choice?

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