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Will spring eventually spring?

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Greg Peck
April 2, 2013

Are you as tired of winter-like weather as we are? We’ve been tracking the daily high temperatures for a month. This past Friday-Sunday, we ticked just above the NORMAL high temperatures. It only seems like those were the first ones since at least as far back as February. We did, however, hit 41 three consecutive days, March 8-10, and that was a tad over normal highs.

Many days we were 10 or more degrees below the normal highs. March 20 was much worse. Our high that day was 22, and the normal high for that date is 45.

It makes us long for those 70s and even 80s of early spring last year.

Monday was opening day for the Milwaukee Brewers, and Mother Nature was late getting spring to the party. We’re betting most baseball fans were glad to be sitting inside Miller Park after enduring those chilly tailgate gatherings.

So in our editorial Wednesday, we’ll send our complaints directly to Mother Nature in the hopes that winter will soon be over, dead and gone.

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