Big garbage tubs are on their way

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Greg Peck
April 1, 2013

Automated trash collection is about to begin in Janesville. It means that, starting today and running through April 28, all city residents who get curbside trash collection will be receiving a couple of big carts. Starting April 29, place your trash in the one with the blue lid; put recyclables in the one with the gray lid. Inside each will be information about the automated collection program.

The city placed an explanatory advertisement on Page 3A today. Reporter Marcia Nelesen provided even more details in Friday’s Gazette.

You roll these wheeled carts to the curb, and city workers come around with new trucks with mechanical arms that lift and dump the bins in the trucks.

Are you looking forward to this change? It was supposed to start last fall, but an accident at the cart production plant caused the city to delay it.

I look forward to not having to sort various types of plastics, Nos. 1-7, and keeping those with the higher numbers in a separate bag in our basement until I have enough to drop off at Basics, which sends them to some company that can recycle them. Now, all No. 1-7 plastics can go in the new city carts.

On the other hand, I still haven’t figured out what we’ll do with the big cart. We ordered the smaller cart, the 65-gallon one, for our recyclables and hope to keep that in the basement. With just two people in our household, we’ll never fill that in a two-week period. On the other hand, we’re going with the 95-gallon trash cart. We saw it at City Hall last year, and it’s pretty big.

My wife suggested we order a 65-gallon cart for the trash, too, but I figured when we have guests or clean house we might more than fill the smaller cart. So we’re starting with the big trash cart. But I don’t know how it will fit in our two-car garage. We push our gas grill up between the front bumpers of our cars. If we had to store the bin between the two cars, as well, I wouldn’t be able to slip through to get to my car door. A little spot next to Cheryl’s car is just big enough for the lawn mower. Maybe for now the big bin will have to sit on top of the mower. Eventually I might have to build a shelf somewhere for the bin. I’d hate to leave it outside—that would be unsightly and attract critters.

If the big bin proves too large, at the start of June, as Nelesen reported, we can ask to exchange it for a smaller trash cart.

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