Is dorm at UW-Rock County a good idea?

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Greg Peck
October 17, 2012

We know what you’re thinking: Thousands more tax dollars are being sunk into yet another government study.

If UW-Rock County is exploring the idea of building a dormitory that might house 100 or more students, isn’t it a smart investment to study the idea to make sure the dorm wouldn’t sit half empty?

Dean Carmen Wilson says she has heard talk about the value of a dorm since arriving at UW-Rock last fall. The market study should be wrapped up next month. The $14,000 study is being paid equally by UW-Rock and the UW Colleges, which oversees the UW System’s two-year campuses.

Enrollment at UW-Rock is at a record level of more than 1,300 full- and part-time students this fall. The campus on Janesville’s south side lures many students because it costs much less than a four-year university. Most students are young adults living with parents or older residents who aspire to new careers. Wouldn’t renting a dorm room reduce UW-Rock’s economic advantages?

What do you see as the pros and cons of having a dorm at UW-Rock? We’ll share our perspectives in our editorial Thursday.

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