Milton schools should release Garrow records

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Greg Peck
November 30, 2012

The Milton School Board suspended Superintendent Mike Garrow effective Oct. 12, and heíll remain on suspension through the entire school year but still earn his pay.

We know that the board appointed an outside attorney to investigate allegations in a complaint filed against Garrow. We donít know the nature of that complaint or what the investigation found, if anything.

Garrow denies any wrongdoing, including suggestions that he had an affair, misappropriated funds or did something immoral or illegal. His denial, however, has not squelched rumors that damage him and the district.

School board President Rob Roy cites a state statute designed to protect the privacy of employees and suggests privacy outweighs the publicís right to know whatís going on with Mr. Garrow.

In our editorial Sunday, weíll explain why we believe Roy is wrong and that those records should be released.

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