How can we prevent domestic violence?

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Greg Peck
November 8, 2012

If the Oct. 21 shootings at a Brookfield spa and Oct. 29 stabbings in Whitewater cause law enforcement and state lawmakers to reevaluate how we handle and legislate domestic violence, a kernel of good might come from these horrific acts.

Beth Wheelock Tallon of the YWCA Rock County wrote a blog about the Brookfield incident just a day before the Whitewater one. Her blog on our website sparked a lively discussion.

Ironically, both incidents occurred during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. These haven't been the only such incidents lately in Wisconsin, and the problem also isn't unique to Wisconsin.

What do our laws require of police responding to domestic violence now? What more might be done to tighten state laws? How can local police step up efforts to combat domestic violence? What can local women’s shelters and other agencies do?

We’ll share our perspectives in our editorial Friday.

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