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Opinion Matters

With Gazette Opinion Editor Greg Peck
Greg Peck: Are dying trees waste wood or ash lumber?
Do all those dying ash trees around Janesville need to wind up in our landfill? Maybe not.
Greg Peck: Maybe we really are becoming “City of Vultures”
I've been wondering how many turkey vultures hang out on Janesville's east side. This morning, I got a good idea.
Greg Peck: In credit cards, do you still trust?
First Target, now Home Depot. Do you fear identity theft? Are you about ready to cut up your credit cards?
Greg Peck: Dogs can have disgusting habits
Did you catch last week's news about the Great Dane in Portland, Oregon, who had a bad habit of wolfing down socks?
Greg Peck: Is “life uncontrollable"?
Last week, I overheard a colleague proclaim that “life is uncontrollable.” Is it really?
Greg Peck: Should beer sales come to Camp Randall?
UW Athletic Director Barry Alvarez has said he'd never allow widespread beer sales at Camp Randall Stadium. More college stadiums do, however. Should he relent?
Greg Peck: I'm ready for some (Packer) football
Here are two predictions as the Green Bay Packers open another season by facing the Super Bowl champion Seahawks in Seattle tonight.
Greg Peck: Beloit Farmers Market banning dogs
Dog lovers have complained that the Janesville Farmers Market bans dogs while Beloit's downtown market does not. That, however, has changed—in Beloit.
Greg Peck: Are you ready for fall?
Autumn is perhaps my favorite season, but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to face what comes afterward. However, I’m already seeing the signs of fall.
Greg Peck: Considering cancer and ALS
While ALS is raising boatloads of cash through its “Ice Bucket Challenge,” cancer seems to be affecting more and more people I know these days.