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What are your pet peeves? Here are a few of mine
I suspect most people have little daily annoyances, so-called “pet peeves.” Here are some of mine.
Would WIAA be wise to institute “multiplier” in sports tournaments?
Members of the WIAA agreed Wednesday to appoint a committee to study the issue of school enrollment for divisional placement in state tournaments. Do you favor a proposed “multiplier”?
Do you expect a tax refund? What will you spend it on?
The tax deadline has passed, and for many filers, the waiting for those tax refunds begins. What will you spend yours on?
Speeches set about “Death Beyond the Willows”
I've scheduled three events where I'll be talking about my newly revised nonfiction book, “Death Beyond the Willows.”
Something's “brewing” with Milwaukee Brewers
The Milwaukee Brewers are off to a remarkable start to their 2014 season. Can they keep it up? Is this team that good, or will the long season eventually take its toll?
Applying for a scholarship? Write a real essay
High school students applying for scholarships and asked to provide an essay would be well advised to know what an essay is.
Doing spring cleaning? Did you check dryer vent?
When was the last time you checked your dryer's vent? Did you know that a build-up of dust in such vents is a leading cause of home fires?
Do litterbugs bug you?
Now that the snow is gone, a winter's worth of litterbug activity has been exposed. And it's a disgusting sight.
Are you a generous or miserly tipper?
Do you feel guilty if you don't tip someone generously? Do you tip not just the wait staff but your barber or hairdresser, your bartender and even your hotel maid?
Bicycling season off to slow start in southern Wisconsin
Have you pumped up those bicycle tires yet? The weather hasn't been ideal, but I've been out biking three times this spring.