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Opinion Matters

With Gazette Opinion Editor Greg Peck
Greg Peck: A hard lesson for longtime motorcyclist
The Gazette's Mark Helmer, 46, started riding motorcycles at age 5. But that experience didn't help him avoid a deer in the early-morning hours Aug. 1.
Greg Peck: Was 'Oz' your favorite childhood movie?
It's not hard for me to remember my favorite childhood movie, and it just marked its 75th anniversary.
Greg Peck: Are we doing enough to control phosphorus?
The problem of runoff pollution filled with phosphorus has been in the news since algae poisoned the water supply in Toledo, Ohio.
Greg Peck: Which are more dangerous: Drunks or cellphone users?
It could be argued that distracted cellphone users are as big a menace on highways as drunken drivers.
Greg Peck: Where did all the mosquitoes go?
Swarms of mosquitoes greeted me during two trips up north in June. Not so last weekend.
Greg Peck: Do your civic duty and vote today
Have you voted yet? It's primary election day in Wisconsin. I was No. 93 in Ward 14 around 9:45 a.m.
Greg Peck: A voting dilemma Tuesday
Rock County's traditionally Republican voters will face a dilemma when they go to the polls Tuesday.
Greg Peck: An avalanche of election-related letters
Greg Peck: An avalanche of election-related letters
The Gazette provides generous space for election-related letters. Handling them all can be daunting.
Greg Peck: Watching your Interstate speed
Wisconsin had a good report on fatal traffic accidents in July. August is a deadly month, however, so the State Patrol started it by beefing up patrols. I noticed.
Greg Peck: Ontario fishing builds friendships
I spent another satisfying vacation last week at an Ontario fishing camp owned by a Janesville couple.