New high school possible for Janesville district

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Frank Schultz
Friday, April 5, 2013

JANESVILLE--A new high school could open at UW-Rock County in fall 2014 if plans come to fruition. Rock University High School would start out small, with 50 students in grades 10-12, members of a Janesville School Board committee were told Thursday.

The school would be a charter school and a part of the Janesville School District. It would focus on getting poor and/or “multicultural” students ready for higher education, according to a memo prepared for the board.

The district often fails to get poor or minority students to go on to higher education, a common problem nationwide.

UW-Rock reported that 70 percent of students from the Janesville School District do not test into the entry-level college math class, according to the memo. The new high school would diagnose each student’s needs and provide a “personalized learning environment” to get him or her ready for college work.

The school would be open to students from other districts and international students, and revenues tied to enrollment would more than pay the costs, the memo states.

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Last updated: 9:17 am Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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