Creating change with change

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Beth Wheelock Tallon
Friday, February 22, 2013

Beth Tallon is the Public Relations Director for YWCA Rock County.

A local family made a donation to the YWCA this week. That in itself is not uncommon. We are grateful for all our donors.

The way they raised several hundred dollars for the donation intrigued me.

Three years ago, a member of the family gave each of the 13 members of her extended family a white piggy bank. She asked each person in the Saltzman, Gilbertson and Kane families to deposit extra pocket change into the bank. At Christmastime they combine the money collected and donate it.

Each relative then guesses the total amount. The person who guesses closest gets to choose where the money is donated. In years past they've given to Heifer International and sponsored a child through World Vision. This year they chose YWCA Rock County.

The family says it's a good reminder that just the little bit of change in the bottom of your purse or pocket can add up. It also helps the children in the family see that they can make a difference, too.
Personally, I'm going to adopt this idea for our family.

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