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When Tyne tagged along with Clint

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Glen Loyd
Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tyne Daly is one of my favorite actresses. Remember her award-winning role in the TV police drama Cagney & Lacey? She was born in Madison and is coming to Janesville to campaign for President Obama. In 1976, Ms Daly starred with Clint Eastwood in one of those Dirty Harry Movies, The Enforcer. Eastwood has endorsed Mitt Romney. In this time of angry partisanship, you wonder how Tyne and Clint get along. In the movie clips below of The Enforcer, you will see that Dirty Harry didn't want an inexperienced woman police officer tagging along with him and belittled her. But it was just acting and Ms Daly helped Eastwood make a very successful movie. Listen to what she says about Eastwood in this interview with Mellisa Parker for Smashing Interviews Magazine: http://smashinginterviews.com/interviews/actors/tyne-daly-interview-in-depth-and-candid-conversation/ "He was terrific in his generosity. Initially, I didnít want to do it. I felt the part was limited and that basically she (the character) was a joke. Then he invited me to talk to him about it and allowed me to influence her (the character) with what I considered her to be, to give her a point of view, a backbone. That was great because he didnít have to do that. He could have hired some much more compliant lady (laughs)... Heís a charming guy and worked very hard... I had a terrific time with him in that period. I certainly treasure that time."

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