Do you go to 'the cross' church?

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Steve Knox
Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I was stopped by a co-worker a few days ago and they asked if I still went to 'the cross' church. A year ago this same person asked if I went to the 'fireworks' church. She had questions about Freedom Fest (June 29th BTW) and I tried to answer a few of those questions. No, I am not a member of New Life Assembly of God, but I do attend. My question to her was, "Why did you call it the cross church?" and she responded with "I drove by last week. After reading about it I thought it was going to be bigger. It fits the area well."

During a series of sermons last November, Pastor preached on the cross and then announced a project that included erecting a 60 foot cross on the grounds. Honestly, I had a bit of heartburn at first. I've read the anonymous comments on this site as well as those on Facebook and frankly, I had a few of those questions/thoughts go through my mind as I sat in the pew last November. Rather than dismissing the project, I asked questions to staff, the congregation and did some reading -- especially in The Book.

Yes, it cost money to erect the cross. True, money is always needed to help the needy and no, not everyone is a Christian. The reason why I chose to support the project is because it hits the mission of the church, 'Making Janesville and the surrounding area Christ conscious'. I feel the church has done an excellent job of supporting the community needs throughout the years. Until I visited on a regular basis I had no idea of how much support and care they actually give. The ministry reach is very wide. In my opinion, this is just another piece of the support.

The initial gasp of the detractors has subsided, the cross is up, it's lit, and I agree with my co-worker - it does fit the property well. It also fits the mission of the church on the property. Thank you New Life Assembly of God for continuing to 'make Janesville and the surrounding area Christ conscious'.

Make Wednesday a great day. Now, back into blog hibernation.


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