?ĦAy, caramba!? Love-hate with grocery shopping

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Steve Knox
Friday, July 19, 2013

If you're a Charter subscriber you're more than familiar with the slogan, "Better products, better prices better service because we're employee owned." Woodman's Food Market is a great example of a Janesville-based business that is now a regional powerhouse. Regardless of the national chains that grow around us, Woodman's seems to hold its own and has found a perfect niche. If you've been in Janesville for a while you've seen the growth first hand.

I don't remember when Woodman's was at Mt. Zion and Milton Avenue, but I do recall when Woodman's was on the corner of Randolph and Milton Avenue. The signs on the building looked like cupcake frosting. Early in the movie rental business Woodman's was the place to be on Friday night. Stop in and 'bid' on the small assortment of BETA or VHS release from the floor while the clerks would race and run. Afterwards, it was time for weekly groceries and home to watch Back to the Future! This was the love portion of my shopping.

The 'dislike' was when they made the move to the current location on Lexington. The place was overwhelming. Each time Mom asked if I wanted to go grocery shopping I'd have to ask where we were going. I would always hesitate when the 'new' Woodman's was on the agenda. Don't get me wrong, I didn't have anything with the business. It was more the space. It was massive.

Well, my phobia of 'big' Woodman's eventually ended and today I have my grocery route mapped out. I can start at the south entrance and be at the checkout within 12 minutes. There isn't much browsing because I have my list and stick to it. My key is the list. Occasionally, grocery shopping will be a social hour because it's like a holiday each day in the store. It always seems like I'm running into someone I know. I never see it empty!

Today, we are planning a short trip and snacks are on the list (of course). I mentioned we needed to go and I gave a few options. "Ready to head to Woodman's kids"? One response was, "What about Piggly Wiggly?" Sounds familiar. I guess we'll head to support a local franchise in Milton for snacks today.

Do you have any tips or tricks that you'd like to share that make your trips to Woodman's efficient? It's super that we have a number of locally owned and locally franchised grocers in our area!

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