The end of Gen-X in J-Ville

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Steve Knox
January 6, 2013

I've written several times about setting goals so I would be accountable. Well, my 2013 goals are finalized and I'm starting with the first one on the list: de-clutter. I'm ending Gen-X in J-Ville.

I started community blogging over three years ago. Kyle Geissler, former Convergence Editor for Bliss Communications, asked for a number of writing samples and then opened the door to the Gazettextra site. Early on it was fun to write. I had a blast reminiscing about growing up in Janesville. The blog did take some twists and turns, but that's why I kept the title of the blog open - so I could branch out.

After three years it now feels like a chore - a job. Originally, I thought about ending this in 2012. Kyle left, my account stayed active, and I occasionally contributed. I thought the 'fun' of blogging would return. Well, it's time to stop contributing. I have some other creative outlets that I'd like to explore that aren't so public.

I'm going to ask the Gazette to keep the links up for a while so I can go back and grab a few blogs that I really enjoyed. Over the last three years I didn't save one blog. Write it, post it and click 'don't save' when I shut down. It's just a blog.

I didn't have an agenda and I tried to hold my political views back. There were days when that was hard to do with the state of our State during the time of this blog.

Well, thanks for reading and commenting. Thank you to Scott Angus and the folks at Bliss Communications as well for allowing me to have access to their site. Aside from that one day I think it went pretty well. I hope this space provided some occasional enjoyment. I know it provided a few with some laughs and head shakes.


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