Local Spring elections

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Steve Knox
Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'm not trying to get too far ahead in the election process but if you wander over to the City of Janesville website and take a glance at city council term expirations, you'll find four current members who will be up for reelection in the spring. It's a significant group including Russ Steeber, Sam Liebert, Deb Dongarra-Adams and DuWayne Severson.

Now is the time for those who are contemplating a run to start seriously considering it. Nomination papers can start circulating in December! That's only 2 months away.

I occasionally read the comments on city council matter articles on this website and wonder if any of the anonymous ones are actually considering a run? We can all armchair quarterback but until you come out from behind the shield of a username and voice 'your' opinion to the council or run for office on 'your' platform, do you really count?

So, it's 60 days away. Are you prepared to run for city council? Do you know someone who you want to run for council or are you satisfied with the current group and hope the all run again?

National and state elections are right around the corner but we can't lose our sight on local.

Are you running?

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